Projection Marketting x Guerilla Marketting: Art or Advertising

Recently Melbourne was host to White Night, one of the biggest cultural events in Australia. It featured art exhibits and interactive projection mapping installations across town and drew hundreds of thousands to the city. But what surprised some spectators was how the company Audi, a major sponsor, had it’s own.

Watch the Audi Array installation here and decide for yourself:

Of course this isn’t the first time projection mapping has been used in advertising, in fact it’s huge in guerrilla marketing. So why is this so different and why are people so offended by it’s inclusion? Companies like adidas, abc, Lexus and Nike have hugely popular campaigns that include projection mapping.

The Audi installation featured two brand new Audi TT’s as that main attraction in a “forrest of light columns”. It was labelled as a “must-see performance, a ballet of light and sound that echoes the visionary technology” of the brand new model. Just as intriguing as the argument as to whether or not it was blatant advertising or an art piece however, is the fact that it was included in itself.

It’s inclusion showed us how designers are constantly trying to keep up with new and exciting trends and stay within the interests of consumers. Just like these brands have to promote themselves in different ways, we are also forced to find new ways to accommodate our own lives to new technology and the issues they cause. Most of the time, it’s not us that is changing technology, it’s technology evolving that forces us to change the way we do things.


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