Thoughts: PressPausePlay

Technology has become such a key aspect of our everyday life and in our current world you only have to have access to the internet to break into an industry.

The documentary “PressPausePlay” and discusses the explosion of online sharing, and raises the question; will the social media revolution cause art to become mediocre?

The issue with the availability of digital media tools is that anybody can make art. And although most of the time this is awesome for us amateurs, I’d never thought of it on the other hand. What does it mean for the professionals and the true talents? Something that stood out to me quite a bit was that one of the interviewees, Andrew Keen, suggested that artist icons such as Martin Scorcese, Andy Warhol and Beethoven wouldn’t have made it in this day and age because they wouldn’t have been able to get noticed amongst the amount of competition they would have on the internet. Which  isn’t really that hard to argue with when you think about it. So what are the consequences of the digital media revolution? Is this really an issue or do the benefits of accessible and available technology far outweigh the disadvantages?

Press Pause Play is an intriguing documentary, showcasing opinions from different fields of digital media. It will get you thinking about the world we live in, probably in ways you wouldn’t have thought before.


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