For anybody that wants to create, now is the perfect time. There are so many ways to do so many different things due to the fact that we are able to share ideas and communicate so easily with each other online.

For budding musicians, programs like Ableton and media services like SoundCloud have given them the platform they need to create their own stuff without the help of professional (and expensive) producers/studios. But for other forms of digital art like projection mapping, it’s a little more difficult.

High quality projectors can be expensive, and affordable programs can be hard to come by for amateurs. However the people behind HeavyM plan to change this.

Launching in early 2015 HeavyM is a free, downloadable tool that gives anybody with a laptop and a projector the chance to give projection mapping a shot. “Putting projection mapping in locations not normally possible” is it’s vision, and hopefully we’ll be able to see some examples of it very soon.

For most of us, if we’ve seen projection mapping anywhere it’s been at a festival or at a live music show.

Dillon Francis, Childish Gambino (seen above), Flying Lotus, Arcade Fire and Skrillex are among some of the most noted displays, and with technology we can now all try, it might be a matter of time until projection mapping makes its way onto the local club scene and into smaller shows and festivals.

Has it already? If you’ve seen any amateur displays emerging please share them with us!



  1. Hassey · April 15, 2015

    This is a interesting technology. The few information posted taught me something new. I thought these projections were too complicated, done using custom made projection concepts. Having a tool free to do would bring competition of projection companies and artists.


  2. KNP · April 15, 2015

    Wow I didn’t know this technology is given away free. It’s a new concept for music video producers and visual exhibition artists. A valuable tool to use in Digital Art.


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